no girl should have to beat the odds alone!
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No Girl Should Ever Have to Beat the Odds Alone

Our mission is to lower the rate of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections in Franklin County, and to educate young mother’s on healthy and positive parenting, and family well-being. 

Women Just Like Me is a 501 c(3) organization that offers supportive services and resources to at risk female adolescents, young mothers, and families in disadvantaged communities in need of additional support. The organization’s office is located in Columbus, Ohio and founded by S. Danielle Dallis. She became a teen mom at 16 and through Women Just Like Me, Danielle shows girls and young women that it is possible to beat the odds and they don’t have to become a victim of their circumstances. She’s living proof of that! Danielle is a wife, mother, mentor, minister,  and God’s daughter that helps girls and women heal and assist them to reaching their destiny!


My daughter will be in attendance next summer!!

An Awesome program for our youth. A program geared and for the young ladies! Exactly what I was looking for since my daughter lives with 3 older brothers. Most of the summer programs and summer camps are unisex. I was excited to find a program just for her. I think it is important to be involved with something the girls can call their own.
My daughter enjoyed meeting other little girls. Enjoyed meeting new people. She also enjoyed the various workshops and learning session

She particularly enjoyed the exercise session and she enjoyed the instructor as well. Throughout the various workshops she enjoyed learning things about the other girls while also learning things about herself. As a parent I am happy that she is happy. When picking her up at the end of the camp day she always will get in the car smiling and in high spirits. That to me indicates the day she has had. I am pleased we found an environment where she feels comfortable and safe while learning and having fun.
Awesome and necessary work for our young girls. Keep thriving! Keep mentoring! 

Nakia Le’Shea

The program leaders encourage them to see the beauty and excellence that lies within themselves.

I recently created with the young ladies of Women Just Like Me and immediately fell in love with this programs mission to uplift young women. The program leaders encourage them to see the beauty and excellence that lies within themselves. I was impressed with how the girls were taught to be confident and achieve their goals through  self expression and boldly stating positive affirmations.  I would highly recommend this program to young ladies coming of age.

Jasmine Thomas

This is a great chance for young ladies to connect

My 10-year-old got a chance to have a overnight camp outing and had a good time. The girls weekend was so amazing . This is a great chance for young ladies to connect!
Janviér Anaïs Ward



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Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The program operates around the year however workshops takes place May thru October which are 5 week sessions held every Saturday (Closed on Holidays), new modules begin every 5 weeks.

Women Just Like developed a Junior Advisor board of innovative, opinionated,
intelligent, and motivated young leaders that want to bring awareness and insight
to various issues in the community, and issues that they face as adolescents
transition into adulthood. They provide ideas for the programs curriculum so the
information and topics are engaging and relevant to program participants.

Donations cover program development, administrative expenses, family and outreach support.

WJLM partner with other organizations that offer additional services (additional information upon request).

All programs are located at the Destiny Center, 1561 Old Leonard Ave, Columbus, OH 43219.


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