The Victory in Sustaining Abstinence (VISA) Rewards Program Starts this Fall


No Girl Should Ever Have to Beat the Odds Alone

The Women Just Like Me is a 501 c(3) organization that offers supportive services and resources to at risk female adolescents, young mothers, and families in disadvantaged communities in need of additional support. Our goal is to lower the rate of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections in Franklin County, and to educate young mother’s on healthy and positive parenting, and family well-being. 

The organization’s office is located in Columbus, Ohio and it was founded by Shammikka Danielle. She became a teen mom at 16. Through Women Just Like Me, Danielle shows girls and young women that it’s possible to beat the odds and they don’t have to become a victim of their circumstances. She’s living proof of that! Danielle is a mother, a business owner, a mentor, and God’s daughter that want to guide girls and women to their destiny!


The Girls of Destiny (G.O.D) Summer Program is uniquely designed to offer more than just a summer camp experience to young girls, but a learning experience that focuses on personal, and social development. The topics are divided in 2-parts focusing on goal setting and soft skills for adolescents. The activities presented, empowers your child to believe that she can achieve her goals in whatever she desires to be. “What Are Smart Goals,” involve defining smart goals, creating vision boards, and a college exploration workshop led by a college admissions advisor. 

“Soft Skills for Adolescents” involves team building, conflict resolution, problem-solving and self-education. behaviors you display in different situations or the way they interact with others.

The program is 5 weeks, and accepts participants age 10-14.  Registration for 2022 begins in April!


The program works with ages 11-14 and discusses and addresses challenges and obstacles that girl’s face during adolescence. The program provides the tools that empower girls to know: There is no shame in living your TRUTH, to know that YOU MATTER, and knowing who you are prepares you for your DESTINY.  The classes discuss social and economical issues that are within the community, technology roles that impact young women on a daily basis. Technology such as, cyber bullying, predator websites, and social media influences will be highlighted. Our goal is to equip young women with the tools to avoid these pitfalls, to develop their self-identity, and strengthen their self-esteem by empowering them to be leaders in educating their peers about these issues.


WJLM mentors and coaches possess knowledge, skills and education and their guidance is rooting in biblical principles.  The foundation of this program encourages girls and young women to think about their actions, to make smart decisions before stupid decisions are made. The sessions are 45 minutes, 1-1 mentoring that takes place in a safe and secure environment. The sessions are confidential (unless the child express wanting to cause harm to herself or others), mentors are non-judgmental so mentee’s don’t feel shame or embarrassment when sharing personal information, ideas, and experiences.


Sexual experiences can have an adverse affect on a girls emotional and mental health.

Victory in Sustaining Abstinence (VISA) Program overall educational goals are to focus on the prevention of teenage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS and HIV, in addition to positively impact economic conditions within the community. 

The program is designed to empower girls and young women to be responsible for their own health by taking precautions to protecting themselves.  The programs core competencies are to focus on helping program participants to define self-worth (positive-self concept, hopefulness, and setting future goals), social skills which entails problem-solving, emotional competence, empathy, and understanding their worth.

The program has two tiers -Tier I places emphasis on Teen Pregnancy Prevention encompassing various topics to include: 
Reproductive Health, Healthy Relationships, Feminine Health & Hygiene, College and Career goal setting, and learning emotional intelligence. These are group discussions and educational sessions to brainstorm on practicing healthy relationships skills including listening, communication, and conflict resolution skills in peer group support.

VISA Rewards II Parenting Skills Training and Education-The topics are inclusive of: The signs and systems of postpartum anxiety and depression, and exercising self-care.  (8) eight sessions that involves parenting skills and education for new mothers focusing on several areas of early childhood development and care, mental health for moms, and self-care. 

Upon completion of each level the participants will receive reward points towards their VISA Card provided by the organization. The reward points can be used towards purchasing baby products and gift cards from our care center.


Did you know the daughters of teen mothers are 3 times more likely to repeat the cycle and become pregnant?

Tier II support, mentor, and Parenting Workshops are for teen parents.

The sessions provides weekly group support for young parents to explore and become more knowledgeable about their own stress points, emotions and how to articulate what they need from their partner. The program teach and train about the positive effects of mother-child attachment and effective ways to coparent. Over 50 percent of households in this demographic fathers are absent. The goal is to promote teamwork among young parents by offering group and individual sessions to discuss and brainstorm the importance of positive parenting by demonstrating appropriate emotional competence skills, effective communication, and financial planning and literacy. 

Individual Pricing
Number of Participants – 1
Number of weeks – 5
Cost Per Week – $15
Total cost per module – $75

For Schools and Groups pricing please contact us via email:




Protect myself and my sister’s by standing firm and guarding my beliefs and morals, work hard to stay on the right path by not being easily persuaded to fall into the path of destruction.



Prepare myself and sisters by working to be a positive influence and role model by demonstrating confidence, honesty, integrity, embracing who I am, and being accepting of others that are unique.




Prevent negative energy from entering our minds, body, soul and spirit by abiding by God’s  Commandments and the principles of Women Just Like Me and to respect my parents and mentors that help to guide me to my Destiny.



Preserve MY Body for the One God has designed for me, My Morals so that we don’t fall for anything and My Mind so that it won’t fall victim to negative influences that hinders us from our Destiny.


To be supported and uplifted has so much meaning. 

Women Just like Me and working with them was such a great opportunity to be apart of. In celebration of women with growth and more opportunities to come; we never know the impact one can have on another and to be supported and uplifted has so much meaning.
– JaMe’z Burton

With everything going on in this world, it is great that people are taking time for our young women.

The group Women Just Like Me is so important for our young ladies. With everything going on in this world, it is great that people are taking time for our young women. Positive role models are hard to come by. It’s up to everyone to add encouragement, enrichment, and love to each and every young woman.

– Tamara Watkins




Danielle discovered early in life that her purpose was to listen to someone’s story and to use her God given talents to assist others in overcoming adversity, pitfalls, and barriers to their destiny. She has vowed to be a voice for abused and neglected children, a mentor and educator of teenage parents, and a counselor to women. Danielle is the Founder and Executive Director of  “Women Just Like Me Foundation” an outreach program that aims to offer critically l needed services to girls and female adolescence. The organization focuses on the personal, emotional, and social development through it’s “VISA” program which is a series of workshops that empowers girls by showing them there is Victory in Sustaining Abstinence.  

Anyone that knows Danielle, knows that her hobbies are shoe shopping and getting dolled up but, at the top of her priority list, is her passion to mentor girls and women of the importance of self care, fostering healthy relationships, and promoting internal and external beauty, through fashion! 

Danielle was a teenage parent and conquered experiences that tried dismantle her whole existence. She was determined not to be depicted as a teen drop out, a welfare recipient, or a victim of her circumstances.  She has obtained her BA in Business Administration and Human Resources Management, and is continuing her education to obtain a MA in Clinical Counseling. She serves as a CASA (Court Appointed Specialist Advocate), Guardian Ad Litem with Franklin County. Danielle is a mentor and life coach for girls and women that seek guidance in both their professional and personal life.  She feels blessed that God has given her a platform to reach and inspire others. 



support us and change the course of a girl’s life today!


Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

The program operates around the year however workshops takes place May thru October which are 5 week sessions held every Saturday (Closed on Holidays), new modules begin every 5 weeks.

Women Just Like developed a Junior Advisor board of innovative, opinionated,
intelligent, and motivated young leaders that want to bring awareness and insight
to various issues in the community, and issues that they face as adolescents
transition into adulthood. They provide ideas for the programs curriculum so the
information and topics are engaging and relevant to program participants.

Donations cover program development, administrative expenses, family and outreach support.

WJLM partner with other organizations that offer additional services (additional information upon request).

All programs are located at the Destiny Center, 1561 Old Leonard Ave, Columbus, OH 43219.


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