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Girls of Destiny Summer Camp

The Girls of Destiny Summer Camp mission is to offer a quality program uniquely designed to address the socio-emotional challenges of girls 10-14 in a supportive environment of trained and licensed socio-emotional professionals that offers compassion and empathy through training and discussions. To offer fun and interactive exercises through individual and team building activities that encompasses the traditional camping experience.

We provide children and teens a place they can call their own in our constantly changing world; where they become a part of a supportive, encouraging community, and where they understand not only their own rights and responsibilities but also appreciate and respect the rights of others.. We are a diverse community of campers and staff members, from different backgrounds, working, playing, and learning together. We encourage each other to try new things, enjoy favorite activities, grow in confidence and a sense of accomplishment, and build strong friendships that last a lifetime.

  • The program’s goal is to promote positive youth development by helping participants develop essential life skills such as confidence, independence, leadership and teamwork through education, therapeutic learning exercises and extracurricular and sports activities. The program will be facilitated under the guidance of licensed counselors and youth leaders.
  • Our anticipated outcome for campers is to improve self-esteem and motivation: Improve sense of self-worth and optimism for the future. Improved ability to work in teams and peer connections: Improve teamwork, communication skills and sense of community. Improved relationships and communication with family: Improve relationships between participants and their family.

Class Schedule is M-F 9:00 am-3:30 pm

Camp Activities and Workshops

  • Attitudes and Behaviors (How they See Me)
  • College Readiness Workshop 101
  • Enjoying Creekside -Trail Walk, Observing Nature, Group Chat/ Ice Cream
  • First Aid Training and CPR (4 hour training)
  • Goal Setting and Creating Mini Vision Boards
  • Identifying Healthy and Toxic Friendships
  • Heart Mapping
  • Hiking and Fireside Chats
  • How I see Me- Paint and Sip
  • Journal on an Experience that changed you
  • Learning the 5 Styles of Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Development/ Love letter to self
  • Replacement Behavior and Effective Communication
  • Self Confidence and Social Challenges Girls face.
  • Swimming
  • Trail walk/ Scavenger Hunt

Meet Our camp Leaders

Danielle Dallis-Hairston, Program Director

Danielle is the Founder and Executive Director of “Women Just Like Me Foundation” an outreach program that aims to offer critically needed services to girls and female adolescents. 

Marion Gamble, Social Development Instructor

The Founder of Me2 Concepts and Solutions, a learning and development company who creates transformation spaces for Professional/ Personal awareness through SEL (Social and Emotional Learning), defining Healthy Relationships, and strengthening confidence for growth and positive change. 

Sophia Jackson, College Readiness and Life Skills Instructor

Sophia Jackson has over 25 years of professional experience working with students of all ages.  She currently serves as the Assistant Director of Pre-College Programs at Bowling Green State University responsible for the administration of the College Credit Plus Program. 

Parenting Skills Program

The VISA Rewards II Parenting Skills and Education Program center of attention is the well being and development of both mother and child. The program teaches and supports young pregnant mothers, teen mothers, and new mothers with children ages 0-5. Our approach is focusing on the well-being and development of both mother and child through 6 week self-paced online classes that encompass subject matter to include: Early Childhood Development, Financial Planning and Literacy, Mental Health for Mom’s, Nutritional Values for Mother and Child, and Postpartum Education. Upon successful completion of classes participants have the opportunity to gain reward points which is applied to their visa card, provided by Women Just Like Me. Participants can receive baby and maternity products, household goods, or vouchers towards living expenses. 


Over 87% of our participants complete the VISA program and they return as mentors and advisors to new participants. They give back by investing their time, sharing experiences, and working with mentee in setting goals and help them to stay on track to accomplishing. Participants that express a need for mental and emotional challenges are encouraged to seek help from our mental health professionals, such as social workers and counselors who are partners of the organization.

The foundation of this program encourages girls and young women to think about their actions, to make smart decisions before stupid decisions are made. The sessions are 45 minutes, 1-1 mentoring that takes place in a safe and secure environment. The sessions are confidential (unless the child express wanting to cause harm to herself or others), mentors are non-judgmental so mentee’s don’t feel shame or embarrassment when sharing personal information, ideas, and experiences.


Sexual experiences can have an adverse affect on a girls emotional and mental health.

Victory in Sustaining Abstinence (VISA) Program overall educational goals are to focus on the prevention of teenage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS and HIV, in addition to positively impact economic conditions within the community. 

The program is designed to empower girls and young women to be responsible for their own health by taking precautions to protecting themselves.  The programs core competencies are to focus on helping program participants to define self-worth (positive-self concept, hopefulness, and setting future goals), social skills which entails problem-solving, emotional competence, empathy, and understanding their worth.

The program has two tiers -Tier I places emphasis on Teen Pregnancy Prevention encompassing various topics to include: 
Reproductive Health, Healthy Relationships, Feminine Health & Hygiene, College and Career goal setting, and learning emotional intelligence. These are group discussions and educational sessions to brainstorm on practicing healthy relationships skills including listening, communication, and conflict resolution skills in peer group support.


Did you know the daughters of teen mothers are 3 times more likely to repeat the cycle and become pregnant?

Tier II support, mentor, and Parenting Workshops are for teen parents.

The sessions provides weekly group support for young parents to explore and become more knowledgeable about their own stress points, emotions and how to articulate what they need from their partner. The program teach and train about the positive effects of mother-child attachment and effective ways to coparent. Over 50 percent of households in this demographic fathers are absent. The goal is to promote teamwork among young parents by offering group and individual sessions to discuss and brainstorm the importance of positive parenting by demonstrating appropriate emotional competence skills, effective communication, and financial planning and literacy. 

For Schools and Groups pricing please contact us via email: wjlminc@gmail.com

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